Building a Better Edo state

building A Better Edo State

About Senator Monday Okpebholo

Senator Monday Okpebholo (aka) Akpakomiza, was born on 29th August 1970, to the family of late Chief and Mrs. Peter Okpebholo of Udomi Community in Uwesan-Irrua, Esan Central Local Government Area. His father hailed from Udomi Community in Uwesan-Irrua, Esan Central LGA, while the mother, was a native of Ikekiala Community in Eguare-Uromi, Esan North East LGA.SEE MORE

Good Governance and Accountability

With utmost dedication to promoting transparency, accountability, and good governance. I am committed towards ensuring that public funds are utilized efficiently and effectively, with a zero-tolerance policy for corruption.

Infrastructure and Social Amenities

 Recognizing the need for better infrastructure, including roads, healthcare facilities, and access to clean water and electricity. I will advocate for improved infrastructure to enhance the quality of life for all residents.

Economic Development

 Understanding the importance of a thriving economy for the overall well-being of our constituents. I am committed towards attracting investments, promoting entrepreneurship, and creating job opportunities.

 Education and Youth Empowerment

 Recognizing that education is the key to unlocking a brighter future, I am committed to improving educational facilities and empowering our youth through skill development programs.

Our Specialization

 Senator Monday Okpebholo is a passionate and experienced leader who has dedicated his life to public service. Born and raised in our constituency, he understands the challenges and aspirations of our people. With a background in politics, business development and technology, Senator Okpebholo brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table

Get Involved

with strong believe progress can only be achieved through collective efforts. I encourage all constituents to actively participate in the development process by providing feedback, suggestions, and ideas. Together, we can build a constituency.

Community safety

As a committed senator I will work towards implementing effective crime prevention strategies, supporting law enforcement agencies, and ensuring the safety and security of the community.

Cultural development:

I am committed to promoting our cultural heritage, support local artists, and preserve historical landmarks, enhancing the community’s cultural identity and attracting tourism.

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With an insatiable thirst for growth and learning, Senator Monday Okpebholo has attended numerous courses, training programs, and workshops worldwide. Notably, he was among the first Nigerians selected to undergo satellite training in Tel Aviv, Israel, by industry giant Gilat Satcom Network in 2004. In 2012, he participated in the prestigious Intelsat Technical Training in Fuchs, stadt Teleport, Germany, and Johannesburg, South Africa, solidifying his expertise in the field of satellite communication.


Senator Monday Okpebholo’s passion for development has been a catalyst for innovation. Recognizing the importance of harnessing the power of technology, he has actively supported local tech developers and startups, fostering an environment conducive to creativity and entrepreneurship. His initiatives have not only resulted in the creation of employment opportunities but have also as a hub for technological advancement in the region.

Build a better Edo together

Social Welfare and Healthcare

Sen. Monday Okpebholo is deeply committed to ensuring the well-being of all constituents, particularly the vulnerable sections of society. The senator has been actively involved in advocating for affordable healthcare, mental health services, and social welfare programs. By addressing the healthcare needs of the community and supporting initiatives that enhance social welfare, Senator [Name] aspires to create a more equitable and inclusive society.


 Access to clean water and sanitation: Substantial provision for clean water and sanitation projects, ensuring that the community has access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation facilities.

Esan environmental stewardship

Environmental Sustainability

Recognizing the importance of environmental stewardship, Senator Monday Okpebholo has been a vocal proponent of sustainable practices and climate action. The senator has consistently supported legislation that promotes renewable energy, conservation efforts, and responsible resource management. By prioritizing environmental sustainability, Senator Monday Okpebholo aims to safeguard the region’s natural resources for future generations and promote a cleaner, healthier community.

Collaboration and partnerships

Sen. Monday Okpebholo is bent on building relationships with other government officials, organizations, and stakeholders, fostering collaboration and partnerships that benefit the community’s overall development.

 Technology and innovation

 As a forward-thinking senator we are setting up a support initiatives that promote technology adoption, innovation, and the growth of tech-related industries, leading to economic diversification and job creation.

Senator Monday Okpebholo has emerged as a prominent figure dedicated to fostering community development, Through multitude of ideas and initiatives, the senator has consistently strived to address the diverse needs and challenges faced by the constituents. This article highlights several key proposals and actions undertaken by Senator [Name] to promote community development and uplift the region.

Esan community development

unwavering commitment

Senator Monday Okpebholo has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to community development through a range of impactful initiatives. From infrastructure development and economic empowerment to education, social welfare, and environmental sustainability, the senator’s ideas and actions reflect a holistic approach to improving the lives of constituents. By implementing these proposals, Senator Monday Okpebholo envisions a thriving community that embraces progress, inclusivity, and a higher quality of life for all.