God’swill Inegbe: A New Edo Is Rising!

The phrase “A New Edo Is Rising,” is a grammatical construction that encapsulates the unmitigated political trajectory, and giant infrastructural interventions in Edo Central Senatorial District by a humble and compassionate man, popularly called “Akpakomiza.” 

Akpakomiza, christened by his parents at birth as Monday Okpebholo, experienced the unsavory circumstances of growing up in a family background of a low income household.

This bitter experience made him to watch the death of his only sister helplessly, due to complications from water, drawn from unhygienic water source in his neighboring community, and the acute lack of fund to provide appropriate and necessary medical care for his beloved sister.

However, despite this ugly experience at his childhood, he rose gallantly to conquer poverty and lack, and by extension made it a mission to use the resources that God Almight generously gave him to embark on people-centered projects toward making life more meaningful for the citizenry.

In the past decade, through a combination of resourceful thinking, compassionate mindset and sincere desire to make positive impact in the lives of the masses, Akpakomiza has caved a niche for himself as a people-centered patriotic individual.

Akpakomiza infrastructural development interventions in Edo Central is a demonstrable evidence of the success achieved by an individual, in a standpoint of where resounding failure was cultivated by any government at any level, be it, Federal, State or Local Government.

Perhaps, the most befitting description is to state unequivocally that, in the modern history of our state, no individual has committed his personal hard earned money on public infrastructure development and human capital building like Akpakomiza. 

The premium of the foregoing statement is hinged on the fact that, Akpakomiza didn’t wait to be in government to use government funds to provide public services in Esanland, but, he donated his life savings as a sacrificial lamb for the service of humanity.

In a national critical time, such as we are, in Nigeria today, due to the harsh impact of the removal of subsidy from petrol, Akpakomiza’s intervention has scaled up transportation services and renewed hope of commuters who are being transported and conveyed comfortably on daily basis, courtesy of Akpakomiza Free Transportation Scheme in Edo Central.

In the area of public potable water, which in any case, is a major challenge in Edo Central, Akpakomiza has continued to expend his personal resources to provide free potable public water to numerous communities across the five local governments in Edo Central, through his public borehole water project.

In education sector, his intervention across several primary schools, secondary schools and tertiary institutions are verifiable and visible to the blind.

In security, Akpakomiza’s swift provision of patrol vehicles and security gadgets to Edo State Security Network (Atanakpa), Vigilante Groups and Anti-Cult Group, curtailed the hitherto incessant kidnappings and banditry in Edo Central.

In road sector, Akpakomiza singlehandedly grade and asphalted Ujabhole-Udomi Phase 2 road in Uwessan-Irrua, Esan Central LGA. In the same-vein, he fine graded bishop’s court road in Ekpoma, Ekehen Primary School road in Igueben, interconnected road of five communities in Uzea Kingdom, Esan North East LGA, Unuwazi-Ujabhole boundary road that connects Esan North East and Esan Central LGAs, amongst numerous inter-communual feeder roads across different communities in Edo Central Senatorial District.

In health sector, Akpakomiza  made it a policy to settle the medical bills of recovered indigent patients who were held captives in Irrua Specialist Hospital (ISTH) and other health centers in Edo Central.

In addition, Akpakomiza developed a home grown Medical Care Aid, that is targeted at the elderly, women and children from poor households, and vulnerable people in Edo Central.

In human capital building, Akpakomiza created a social safety net that sponsors and procures working equipments for young artisans and entrepreneurs across Edo Central.

In addition, while previous government office holders were sharing Kekenepe as empowerment scheme, an Akpakomiza, who hasn’t received a kobo from government coffers, distributed vehicles of different brands and models as empowerment scheme.

The whole essence of public service, is to enhance the standard of living of the people. That has been the driving force of Akpakomiza, and that was why he contested and won overwhelmingly the senatorial seat in Edo Central, thereof, leading to his historic record of breaking the 24 years political jinx in Esanland.

As he has hit the ground running as a Senator in the 10th Senate, his focus is directed toward raising Edo Central and Edo State out of it current infrastructural doldrums and human capital deficit.

This, no doubt, is why, 

A New Edo Is Rising!

God’swill Inegbe is the Media and Communication Aide to Distinguished Senator Akpakomiza.