Introducing the man Senator Monday Okpebholo aka Akpakomiza (SMO) to the general public.

Check out some of the projects executed by Senator Monday Okpebholo aka Akpakomiza
(SMO) as a private individual before ever venturing into politics.

He was an alternate government in Edo Central.

  1. Perimeter fencing of Udomi Pry Sch Irrua.
  2. Complete reconstruction of 3 classrooms and headmaster’s office at Udomi Pry Sch Irrua.
  3. Borehole at Ujabhole Community Irrua
  4. Borehole at Afuda Community Irrua.
  5. Borehole at Udomi Community Udomi Irrua.
  6. Borehole at Ileh Community Ekpoma
  7. Borehole at Emaudo Community Ekpoma
  8. Borehole at Hausa Market Uromi.
  9. Borehole at Idigie Community Uromi
  10. Borehole at Ikekhen Community Igueben.
  11. Reelectrification of Idumu Iyasele Quarters Ujabhole Uwessan.
  12. Complete reroofing of Idumebo town hall Irrua.
  13. Complete reroofing of Ukhun Grammar School Ekpoma
  14. Donations of laptops computers and free internet facilities to first privately owned University in Edo Central Mudiamen University Irrua.
  15. Provision of laptops computers to Sabo Tiger Montessori Group of School Irrua.
  16. Donation of 5 sienna Security Vehicles and gadgets to Esan Security Network ( Esan Atanakpa).
  17. Provision of Hilux Security van to Uzea Vigilante
  18. Provision of Sienna Security vehicle for Uwessan Vigilante
  19. Provision of Sienna Security Vehicle to Anti cult group Ekpoma.
  20. Esan indigent Students Scholarship fund for undergraduate.
  21. Esan International Students tuition fees support programme.
  22. Iron and steel fabrication trainee and settlement scheme ( provision of welding transformers, other tools, Generating plant and set up of workshop).
  23. Construction of section 3 of Ujabhole- Udomi road with side drainage and asphalting.
  24. Provision of street lights at Udomi Community Uwessan -Irrua.
  25. Cars gift to over 30 Esan youths.
  26. Uncountable motor bike gift to Esan youths.
  27. Waec enrollment for Ujabhole Grammar Sch students 2022 and other Esan Students that applied.
  28. Influenced Building and installation of an up to date ICT equipment at Afuda Grammar School with solar plant.
  29. Influenced Building and installation of an up to date ICT equipment at Ujabhole Grammar School.
  30. Payments of Medical bills for indigents patients at Irrua Specialist hospital.
  31. Earth fine grading of Ibore- Atuagbo.2022
  32. Earth fine grading of Unuwazi -Uwessan Road.
  33. Earth fine grading of Ohe- Uzea road Esan North East.
  34. Earth fine grading of Ikekhen road, Igueben LGA.
  35. Provision of fully air-conditioned Luxurious bus free transportation system intra Esan transport service, running on daily basis for the last two years.

and so many others. Go and verify.